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Some photos on this blog aren't properly accredited (not sure the sources: photographer, year, venue... ) So if you know feel free to tell me it and I'll can put them into the correct form. Thank you.
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Marko Saaresto at Suomipop 28 Aug 2014 (Interview + Daze acoustic)


Love’s a onetime deal. With a delicious dark appeal. -Poets of the Fall

Clips: Daze, Lift, Carnival of Rust

   Marko today at Suomipop radio


Marko dazing 99% of female audience during Daze acoustic live performance at Radio Suomipop (x)


From Daze teasers. One look and I think this will be one of shocking (in good way) videos of Poets Of The Fall. Second part of ‘Making of’ will be uploaded tomorrow at guys youtube channel. Whole video and single premiere we will see this Friday.

You can, no, you MUST order Daze (with four fab bonus tracks) from iTunes now. Also you MUST pre order whole new album from official shop, amazon and others online magazines.

Hang on, Children’s Of The Fall, new era of Poets just begin :p

(vía kultasuoni)


Marko in St. Petersburg 2013 (photos by K.Katochek)


Marko after interview on SuomiPop.

Credits to radiosuomipop.fi