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Some photos on this blog aren't properly accredited (not sure the sources: photographer, year, venue... ) So if you know feel free to tell me it and I'll can put them into the correct form. Thank you.
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Marko and Jani at Made in Finland St.Petersburg 2014 (photo by G.Moiseeva)


(vía binarycrochet)


Marko and Olli for YLE X3M (photo by J.Vierinen)


Every time I look at my iPod screen I want to kiss it because it’s a really cute picture of Marko.

Marko is  the most beautiful dream made man though *sigh*


Tickets bought? T-shirts ironed? Lyrics learnt to sing along? Cause they are coming… ^^
From their tour promo video.


Jealous Gods Tour


Marko in Moscow 2013 (photos from ru.showbiza.net)


Marko today at NRJ.

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In celebration of Poets of the Fall’s new album “Jealous Gods” I’m writing a few stories on them. Here’s the first one.

During the almost-a-decade I’ve worked with Poets of the Fall I’ve been lucky enough to get to witness the whole spectrum of everything that goes into being in a band and building it into a dayjob - without the help of record labels, I must add.

I was there when they recorded their second album in Captain’s living room. I’ve been there for the video shoots, and when they put the bits and pieces of “Dawn” together (and burst into tears when Marko started singing the melody, I’m not ashamed to add).

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Marko and Olli at an interview for Iltalehti (photo by A.Nikkanen)